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Postcard from Prague

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2017)

If you want to visit a dreamy European destination, Prague should be one of the top choices. The Charles Bridge at night with all the lights and with the old town background would surely make you fall in love with your partner, yet again. Prague boasts of many different medieval buildings and the tram lines on the winding cobblestone roads makes the place look magical. The only thing that spoils the city is the large number of tourists, including ourselves. Well, it’s definitely a must visit dreamy destination!

In our opinion, Prague looks stunning from up above. The orangish roof tops, multiple old bridges over the river, churches, old town towers and trams running across the city adds a different look and feel to the aerial view of the city.

Top View of Prague.. The Orange Roof top adds an extra medieval charm to this city..
View of the Charles Bridge from the top!
That never ending view of Orange Rooftops.

Colorful streets of the Old Town

How to reach

Prague is a highly touristic destination and is well covered by air, train and road. There are cheap flights from many cities to Prague and many buses from neighboring countries. If you are connecting to the airport, try opting for the airport buses which are extremely inexpensive. We paid some 3 euros for the two of us, which is the lowest amount of money we have ever paid to reach an airport!!

That dreamy sunset view of the Charles Bridge and the city..


Things to do

Prague is not very big and most of the attractions are in the old town area. There is so much to do and you would never get bored. Dedicate a minimum of 3 days to take in the beauty of this marvelous city.

Charles Bridge

The best time to visit the Charles bridge is at 4 or 5 AM. You will avoid the crowds and be able to take some really nice shots of the bridge. You might still see some photo enthusiasts working with their tripods setup on the bridge but it’s much better than visiting the bridge during the mad rush in the daytime.  It gets so crowded on the bridge that it’s literally difficult to get to the other side of the bridge without getting stuck in the crowd.

Enjoying some quiet moment on the Charles Bridge..
The Bridge looks really grand when it’s not crowded..

Spend time walking on Charles bridge during late evenings. The street musicians play amazing music which adds a romantic feel and the street artists who create some fantastic paintings. If you would like to take some aerial shots of the bridge, buy a combination ticket for the tower bridge and you could visit both towers and capture the stunning views of the bridge. You can setup your tripod near the open windows overlooking the bridge (can be a bit tricky as its a crowded area with less space to move around) but nevertheless, the avid photographer in you would always have the patience to capture that perfect moment.

Top view of Charles Bridge at Night
Top view of Charles Bridge
Beautiful Streets of Prague as seen from the Charles Bridge tower.


Old Town

Visit the old town area which comprises of the old town square, astronomical clock (don’t miss the puppets that show up every hour), and endless cobbled stone streets and street shops selling amazing food. Again the best time to visit these places would be early in the morning when all the shops are still closed and tourists are away.. You get to see the real charm of the city and enjoy walking on the cobbled stone streets uninterrupted.

Old Town Square..
Astronomical Clock
That’s us at 9am! Empty streets do look charming..
Enjoying a quiet walk around the old town..
Yet another street shot..
The architecture is very well preserved..


Prague Castle

Prague castle is another very touristy place that should be on our list. The entrance fee is not very high and they have a number of packages that you can choose from. If you are not into museums, churches and basilica, feel free to skip the tour and walk around the castle. There are a lot of location points from where you can get some amazing views of the city.

Grand entrance to the Castle
Prague Castle in all it’s charm
A rainy day that was well spent..
There was an Easter Market setup in the castle square and we enjoyed some hot chocolate and Tredlo..
The Golden Lane..
View from the Castle..


Street Food

Prague is quite cheap compared to other European cities. Even big hotels like Terrace sell food items at a low cost. Try their mulled wine and desserts, they are just delicious. Street food is just too good and very cheap in the old town. Don’t miss the traditional Tredlo (made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix) with chocolate filling or a filling of your choice, hot chocolate, potato chips on sticks, mulled wine etc…

Streets of Prague and the first view of the Charles Bridge


Havelsky Market

Do not miss the Havelsky market, open during the entire year, which sells touristic items (read puppets, souvenirs, arts and crafts, chocolate etc…), fresh fruits and vegetables. Havelsky Market is located off Melantrichova street, a main pedestrian route linking Wenceslas Square with the Old Town Square.  This is the only preserved market dating back to the 11th century. Prague gets its dreamy feel from these well preserved architectures.


Try their beers, you would simply love them. Again, its inexpensive and there are many craft beer breweries in the old town that serve some amazing beers. Make sure you visit the Prague Beer Museum, that offers 30 beers on tap and a menu of Czech bar snacks. It is very close to the old town and walk able from Charles Bridge.

Arial View of Prague

Visit Letna Park to get the signature view of Prague. From here, you can get the awe-inspiring views of the Vltava River and the town. Best time to visit the park is during sunset, as you get enjoy the sky changing from hues of orange, to magenta to deep blue and see the city lit up!


The pretties sunset ever..
These million shades of sunset made the city look our of the world.

Jazz Music

Jazz is extremely popular in Prague and there are many clubs that play live jazz music.  The smooth jazz music aptly suits this romantic city and its one of the must do things while visiting Prague. We went to the Jazz Dock which is a cool lounge bar in a modern glass building and it feels like it is on the river. We enjoyed the beautiful and soulful jazz music played by a talented local band. Make sure you book your place in advance, so that you are guaranteed a seat.

Local artists performing..
That guy on Saxophone was just too good.. It literally stirred our soul..

Puppet shows

Prague is really famous for its puppet shows and Marionette puppet theater has a very long history in entertainment, since the middle ages. Unfortunately we couldn’t watch a show but check here for more information on marionette theaters. The show is not just for the children and it equally amuses the adults. The most famous show is of Don Giovanni and the full list of shows is here.

Tips and Things to be careful about

  1. Get transport passes for the duration of your stay (again, its really inexpensive) so that you can use the trams, buses and Metro as many times as you wish. The city is really well connected by transport lines and the best way to see the city is to take a tram ride which goes around the city along the river.
  2. Take care of your belongings as the city is very crowded, especially in public transportation. We had a near miss of having our belongings pick-pocketed but luckily we escaped without losing anything.
  3. Never exchange money on the streets. Always go to a Forex center. There are plenty of them available in the old town. Avoid people walking up to you and trying to coax you into exchanging the money at an attractive exchange rate. They are all shady dealers who would just take the money and leave you hanging. So, don’t believe their too-good-to-be-true exchange rates and simply walk away from the place.


Prague is a very affordable destination. Transportation, food and accommodation are at reasonable prices. We must have spent around 300 euros (everything included) for the 3 day trip which is really cheap compared to other European cities. This is probably because the Czech currency (Crowns) is not very strong and the conversion rates are pretty good.

Rainy streets of Prague and it’s red trams..
One last roof top view of the city and Charles Bridge
The Dancing House as you can see from across the river


Prague is overcrowded, very touristic and overwhelming at times but you would really enjoy spending a few days in this well preserved beautiful city. It’s a photographer’s delight and its definitely bound to rekindle the romance in your relationship.