Postcard from Cairns – Part 2

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2016)

This is part 2 of the blog post on Cairns. If you haven’t read part 1 click here.

One of the days we spent in Cairns, we rented a car and took a day trip to Kuranda village and Palm cove. And guess what? I got scared of diving on a perfectly maintained, well laid, wide roads with traffic that follows proper road rules and just couldn’t do it. Why, you would ask.Β  Having driven all my life only in India where the road rules are rarely followed, I am not used to driving under the pressure of road rules. I got two honks and I gave up. Well Raga drove all the way and back and he did a perfectly good job. By the way, you can rent cars on Indian driving license in Australia. All you need to do is a pay a deposit and show your id proof. It is as simple as that!

At Kuranda village..

There is a Koala Garden in Kuranda village where you can get your photos taken while hugging the Koala. Hugging a Koala bear was my number one on the list of things to do in Australia, so that happened. We paid a lot of money for this and as cute and cuddly Koalas can be, they have very sharp nails. I had marks for a few days but no regrets there. I was happy. Life goal accomplished!!

Learning to hug Koalas.. See how excited I am!
Life goal accomplished!
Family portrait. πŸ˜‰

Also, we fed some kangaroos. They are so cute the way they hop. I can’t even explain the happiness in words.

Kangaroos… So close..
Every second was an experience of the lifetime.
Pure happiness

After all the fun in Kuranda, next stop was Palm Cove! If you are used to beaches in Goa, India you will find that Australian beaches are nothing like that. There are no beach shacks, no water sport activities etc. Palm Cove was very calm and beautiful. The place was true to its name with beautiful palm trees lines up next to the road. Other side of the road there were restaurants, resorts etc. I remember us having a pizza in one of the restaurant and it was delicious. After the lunch we walked on the beach for some time and took some photos at the pier and then drove back to Cairns.

View from the restaurant!
So calm..
Look at that view and the blue sky. I have never seen such beautiful blue skies like in Australia.
We both look so young.
End of a good day..

Me and Raga often keep remembering and talking about Australia, scuba diving, New Zealand Naturals ice cream, spanakopita and the flop sky diving among the other things we experienced in Australia. It’s been almost 3 years but the memories are fresh like it was yesterday.

PS: I will be writing about Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Kangaroo Island in due course of time. So, watch out this space for more..

14 thoughts on “Postcard from Cairns – Part 2

  1. Dear Nandita,
    Excellent Travel blog!!!! In the last 15-20 mins I have already enjoyed the trip to Australia, part of Ireland, Amsterdam, Bruges….. wow!!! The pics and the comments made me feel as if I am there. Keep It up.
    Gives us a heads up before going there ourselves.

  2. Nandita, the writing so nice, simple and easy. The photographs are superb. Think of putting some photographs of local people at background, will add spice to ur write-ups.

  3. Nandita nice description. This has revived my memory long back when Sharadji used to tell me. Icing on the cake is family portrait. But I was expecting something else in that😁😁😁

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