Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Venice

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Venice

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2020)

Part 2 of Venice Travel Blog Series: Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Venice. Our guide will help you find the most authentic Italian food to devour while in Venice

Part 1: Exploring Venice in Winter

Food is my favorite topic and it has been our major focus in all our recent travels. Let’s be honest, we traveled to Italy in search of the finest pastas and wines that we had been dreaming of for months. So, food was our top priority. There are loads of authentic restaurants serving delicious sea food but finding good vegetarian food in Venice (and Europe as such) is hard. Our article will help you find the best vegetarian places in Venice along with some really cosy wine bars.

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Where to Eat the best vegetarian Restaurants in Venice

We only want to recommend places that serve authentic Italian food, as you can easily find a good Indian or Mediterranean restaurant serving vegetarian dishes, but then what’s the point of traveling to Italy?

Nevodi Venezia Venice -  Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Venice

  • Nevodi Venezia: We discovered this restaurant by chance and had the most delicious meal, in all our trips to Italy combined. This place has amazing reviews on google and Tripadvisor and was in the same street as our hotel. The folks at the restaurant were very patient and explained us everything in detail. They also happily prepared vegetarian dish for us outside of the menu. Everything here looked equally delicious. We really can’t recommend this restaurant enough.
  • La Zacuza: This is the most famous restaurant in Venice, serving a variety of vegetarian food. If you manage to get a booking as soon as the restaurant opens for lunch / dinner, you will be guaranteed to get fresh hot food. What we realised that the food here wasn’t made to order but prepared beforehand and would be served to you within seconds. Our reservation was late at night, at around 9pm, so I guess that was the reason the food didn’t taste as delicious. It was very decent, but nothing compared to what we ate at Nevodi.
  • Il Paradiso Pertudo: This is a sea food restaurant, away from the crowded areas in Venice and famous among the locals. There are very few vegetarian options here, but what stood out was the pasta they prepared in the big wheel of cheese right in front of us. Delicious! If you go here at around 12pm, there are high chances that you will get a place without making reservation in advance.

Nevodi Venezia Venice -  Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Venice


Some of the charming Wine bars and Cafes in Venice

  • Wine Bar HK: Such a charming place with the most gorgeous view. Even though on the pricy end, the wines were delicious. Bonus, you can go right outside to the little canal dock for your instagram photos.
  • Al Vecio Calice: We loved this little place away from the crowds and the owner was really sweet. The highlight for us was that he opened fresh wine bottles for every drink we asked. The wine bar is located on a street which is filled with loads of cute wine bars and restaurants.
  • Torrefazione Cannaregio: This cafe is a must visit and we had the most delicious cups of cafe here. Very cool and trendy place to hang out as well. The barista definitely knows how to make the best cup of coffee.
  • Gelateria Nico: You can’t go to Italy and not have the most delicious cone(s) of gelato. Gelateria Nico is the most authentic gelateria in Venice, but sadly we didn’t get a chance to visit. Instead we had good few scoops for delicious gelato from Venchi.

Wine Bar Venice -  Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Venice

Food in Venice

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Tips for dinning in Venice:

  • Restaurants in Venice are small due to space constraint and open only for a short time during lunch and dinner. Make sure you are making a reservation at least a day in advance.
  • You will pay a coperto of 2-3 euro per person, irrespective of what you eat. This is like a tip / seating charge in most of Italy and can’t be avoided.
  • Most of the authentic restaurants in Venice have a new menu everyday based on their fresh seafood catch and the menu will definitely be in Italian. Be ready with google translator, but in most likelihood, you will struggle to translate the dishes and will need help from the waiter.
  • Look for cute hole in the wine coffee shops or wine bars which are more like the authentic Italian cafes and bars that you want to experience. The rates here will be reasonably cheaper than other touristy places.
  • Also, keep in mind that the rates of having breakfast and drink on the go i.e. standing near the counter top is much cheaper than enjoying breakfast and drink while sitting down. Very weird in our opinion but space and time seems to be premium property in Venice, and no one really has time for a proper breakfast.

Il Paradiso Pertudo Venice - Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Venice


Restaurants to avoid:

  • Dal Moro’s: This fast food place claims to have the best fresh pasta in Venice and has over 5000 reviews on google. The food was very cheap but utter crap. We threw half of our dish and felt bloated the entire day after that.
  • Avoid any restaurant that has a big menu with photos on it. Or the ones where the waiter stands outside and calls you to come in and have a meal. For sure, it is a touristy restaurant and you won’t be eating authentic Italian food. In all probability you will pay exorbitant price for food and high coperto. And you will be extremely disappointed.


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