Postcard from Lille

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2017)

Lille just happened last year when we were touring around Netherlands and Belgium. We had originally planned a day trip to Luxembourg but there was a train strike in Brussels on that specific day (which by the way was also our 4th wedding anniversary). Denying to stay back and do nothing on our anniversary, we thought of taking a day trip to some place else. At the train station office they suggested Lille and without giving much thought we booked the ticket!

What a day it was and probably one of those bad decisions. This was our first time travelling through mainland Europe and weren’t sure on what to expect but having traveled through Amsterdam , Bruges and Brussels, Lille failed to impressed us! To be honest, there was nothing much for us to do in Lille except some old French quarters and a zoo. Yes, we went to a zoo! We were so damn tried after all the walking from past few days, and this trip didn’t help us much. We thought of coming back early but our train tickets weren’t flexible and we were stuck there till night. Our bad day didn’t stop there as we ended up with a train that was first delayed by an hour and then almost immediately broke down due to technical issues. Imagine being stuck in a closed train (doors and windows closed due to safety reason), with no air-conditioning, food, water or bathroom facility for more than 3 hours! It was a nightmare come true. By the time they arranged a bus back to Brussels and we reached our hotel it was 2am the next day, we were exhausted and we had a train to Koln early in the morning – which by the way we ended up missing. But that’s a story for some other time.

I just wanted to pop in and add a few photos, because hey – it was our 4th anniversary and we want to remember how we spent it. Probably the only thing I would remember from the trip would be walking through the old french quarters and our lunch in a small cafe where we could hardly communicate but still managed to have a nice baguette sandwich..

Lille, France - Street View 5
Cafe at the main square..
Lille, France - Street View 4
Exploring the old french quarters..
Lille, France - Street View 1
Exploring Lille..
Lille, France - Street View 2
Anniversary couple..

Lille, France - old French quarter

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