Amsterdam Guide for the First Timers

Amsterdam Guide for the First Timers

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2019)

Raga and I have been to Amsterdam a good few times now but there is something about the city that keeps pulling me towards it every year. Be it those skewed Dutch houses, the canals or the general vibe of the city, I love everything about Amsterdam. This time around, it was a solo trip for me to this gorgeous city and all I wanted to do was relax, take it slow, sit by the canal and get a few night photos. This Amsterdam Guide for the First Timers is basically all you need to know before traveling to this beautiful city. These are some of our experiences and tips for you, based on our travel experiences.

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✨Amsterdam dreams✨ . Raga and I have been to Amsterdam a good few number of times now but I am just not able to get enough of this charming city. This time it was a solo trip for me and if you have seen my stories, you would know that I absolutely enjoyed every bit of my time there. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #visitamsterdam #amsterdam #super_holland #bestofamsterdam #iamsterdam #amsterdamview #wonderlust #theprettycities #passionpassport #europe #girlsborntotravel #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #indiantravelblogger #travel #travelblogger #travelphotography #adventure #photooftheday #longexposure #canon #nightphotography #beautifuldestinations #dametraveler #instagood #instamood #bestoftheday #letsgoeverywhere #exploremore

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Amsterdam Guide for the First Timers

  • Travel Pass: This is the most important thing to get as a tourist and ideally should be your first buy at the airport. Depending on where your hotel is located, you can choose between two types of Amsterdam Travel cards – 1) GVB multi-day pass which allows your to travel within Amsterdam city; 2) Amsterdam and region travel pass which allows you to travel to regions around like Keukenhof etc.


  • Museums: The city is filled with a variety of museums and can get a bit overwhelming for a first-time traveller. If you are anything like us, who finds museums a tab bit boring, you should definitely consider these two. I had the best experience learning more and exploring these museums:
    1. Anne Frank Huis: It was such a humbling experience to visit Anne Frank Huis. I have written more about Anne Frank in this blog. Online tickets sell out a couple of month in advance. You can also stand in a queue which could be 2-3 hours long to get in. But do try to go to this museum.
    2. Van Gogh Museum: Having been to both Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum, I would any day prefer Van Gogh museum. This guy was a genius and his paintings are such an inspiration. Don’t forget to get an audio guide! Suggest buying online tickets as they sell out on that day. You can buy online tickets just one day before.

Canals of Amsterdam 1 _ Amsterdam Guide for the First Timers


  • Canals: Trust me, Dutch people are the coolest and they know how to enjoy life. You will see loads of stuff happening on the canals like boats with an full size couch, boat full of people partying on them, boat with people sun bathing, tourist boats etc. Things to consider –
    1. Rent a boat: If you are tad bit confident, then yes, you can rent your own boat and sail through these canals.
    2. Canal tours: For the rest of us, there are so many companies that offer one-hour canal tour. Do it, as it’s pretty amazing. However, if the weather is good take an open boat canal tour instead of a closed one. Better experience, I guess.
    3. Relaxing by the canals: Get a coffee or a bottle of beer (depending on the time of the day, of course), sit by the canal and watch the world go by. This is one of my most memorable experience ever. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants by the canal as well, if you rather enjoy your dinner with the view.

Amsterdam Canals & Boat tours _ Amsterdam Guide for the First Timers


  • Bikes: Netherlands is a very bike friendly country! One of the best way to experience Amsterdam is on bikes. Get lost riding in small alleyways, exploring pretty canals and those unique skewed houses. There are loads of bike rentals through out the city, and you can rent bikes for 10 euros for the entire day.

Amsterdam at night 1 _ Amsterdam Guide for the First Timers


  • Day Trips: Amsterdam is huge and offers some of the coolest day trip locations.
    1. Zaanse Schans: Experience Dutch houses and windmills at it’s best. We always feel that a city is best experienced via it’s country side. Zaanse Schans offers such a unique experience along with smaller cute museums where they show how they make wooden clog, cheese etc.
    2. Keukenhof: Please read out detailed article on Keukenhof and Tulip Gardens.

Keukenhof_ Amsterdam 2 _ Amsterdam Guide for the First Timers


  • Expenses: Amsterdam is expensive, so consider shelling out a bit more for your food, accommodation and entertainment. You would pay anywhere between 15 to 18 euros for a decent meal of regular pasta. Unless you stay a bit far away, hotels in City Center would be expensive as well.
  • Coffee Houses: Netherlands has a very relaxed policy when it comes to weed. There are loads of coffee houses through out the city, offering variety of stuff you could indulge on, of course at your own risk. 😉


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Sharing some more photos from the trip.. Hope you find our Amsterdam Guide for the First Timers useful.

Keukenhof_ 4 _ Amsterdam Guide for the First Timers

Keukenhof_ Amsterdam Guide for the First Timers

Amsterdam _ Amsterdam Guide for the First Timers

Amsterdam Guide for the First Timers

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  1. Great, informative blog post as always guys! I love the photos too. 🙂 I visited Amsterdam few years ago, and spent a single day there, but I really enjoyed the nearby towns and countryside of Netherlands. Just a gorgeous country.

    1. Thank you so much Pooja! Amsterdam is such a fun and happening place. You should plan to spend more time there and explore the city properly. You will love it. 🙂

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