Guide to Natural Hot Springs in Iceland

Guide to Natural Hot Springs in Iceland

(Last Updated On: February 15, 2020)

Part 7 of Iceland travel blog series: Guide to Natural Hot Springs in Iceland, covers those unseen hidden hot springs that you must definitely experience.

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Guide to Natural Hot Springs in Iceland

Iceland is packed with so many natural wonders, that it’s almost impossible to choose your favorite! Massive waterfalls, glaciers, glacier lagoons, ice caves, northern lights, breathtaking landscape, black sand beaches, volcanoes, natural hot spring etc. We have written in detail about the all the spots that you should visit, but we had to dedicate one entire article on Natural Hot Springs. This Guide to Natural Hot Springs in Iceland covers everything you would want to know before planning your trip. Keep an eye out on that massive tip on finding these hot springs!

In this guide, we plan to cover some famous and some secret spots that you would want to visit or at least have options to choose from!

Blue Lagoon, Iceland-2 _ Guide to Natural Hot Springs in Iceland

Blue Lagoon

The most famous hot spring in Iceland and everyone knows about this one. It’s basically a luxury spa in a heated pool with that iconic turquoise blue water which is extremely beautiful. Honestly, this is what luxury is made of! Even though the entry fee is quite steep, we decided to still go ahead and experience it and trust us, we were not disappointed. Who wouldn’t enjoy a nice drink in a heated pool and a face mask for free that will keep your skin soft for days. We just didn’t feel like getting out of the pool as it felt so nice.

The packages start from 6990 ISK i.e. approximately 60 euros per person, however you will pay at least 9990 ISK i.e. 80 euros per person as the cheapest package is for closing hour.

Quick tip: Take the comfort package and bring your bathrobe along! It’s really helpful when you have to run out in the cold to get into the pool.


Secret Lagoon

Secret Lagoon natural hot spring is part of the golden circle. It is much cheaper than the blue lagoon and costs 1/5th of the blue lagoon. It’s not as fancy as the blue lagoon but more on the subtle end. The water stays warm through out the year and the temperature is around 38-40 degrees.

You can also walk on marked paths around the facilities to see the area’s geothermal sites.


Mývatn Nature Baths

If you are driving through the complete ring road in Iceland, Mývatn Nature Baths should be on your list. It’s similar to the Blue Lagoon but the scenery around is much more stunning. We have even heard people saying that they loved Mývatn Nature Baths so much more than the Blue Lagoon. This man-made pool has warm water, maintained around 36-40 degrees. There are a lot of minerals in the water which makes it ideal for bathing.

The entry free is half the price of Blue Lagoon i.e. 4200 ISK which is about 30 euros, however you have to rent towels and bathrobes at extra cost.

Quick Tip: Mývatn Nature Baths is open through out the year and in summer until 12am. A really great idea for a late night soak.


Guide to Natural Hot Springs in Iceland

Hrunalaug Hot Spring

Given a choice and if I ever go back to Iceland again, I would go out of my way to go to Hrunalaug Hot Spring. Our experience was really good and it will be tough to describe it in words. It was raining outside and around 0 degrees. The hot spring water was around 35-40 degrees. It felt way more cosy as compared to the bigger man made Hot Spring as everything was natural here. Oh, one of the best ways to find these hidden natural hidden Hot Springs is through this website. The entire island of Iceland is mapped with all the hotpots, swimming pools and gas stations. Such a handy website if you are driving and want to stop for a quick hot natural spa!

I overheard some regulars talking about how the entire area had been refurbished since the last time they had visited. There is a small hut where you can change your clothes and store your bags. The scenery around is just out of the world. If you are lucky, you will meet some amazing people and can chat for hours all while soaking in the minerals from the hot spring water.

Had the weather been better while we were there, we would have definitely hiked around. Please go for a hike if you get a chance as the area looks amazing.

Quick tip: Wear your swimsuit inside your clothes if you plan to visit this place. It will make getting inside the water quicker and easier as they hut is really small and there is a stream flowing right in between.

Update: We have heard that this hot spring has been closed recently, due to over crowding.

Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool Iceland _ Guide to Natural Hot Springs in Iceland

Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool

Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool is one of the oldest swimming pool built in 1923. The water for the swimming pool comes directly from the hot spring from Eyjafjallajökull. I think, Instagram made this swimming pool really famous because the location is out of this world! You need to hike 20 though small streams and raw nature to reach here and the entire time we had the feeling of reaching heaven. Stunning snow-clad mountains, a stream with crystal clear water and a hike though uneven paths made of pebbles is what you will experience.


However, the grass is not always green on the other side. Since the swimming pool is entirely maintained by volunteers and they depend on donations, the condition of the pool isn’t great at all. The changing rooms  are filthy with dirty water, plastics and discarded clothes all around. After having second thoughts, I decided to go in but I wasn’t a great idea after all. The pool has probably not been cleaned in years as it was completely filled with thick green moss grown over time. Water wasn’t warm as well. It felt so disgusting that I wanted to come out immediately and take a shower in our hotel room. Raga made the best decision by choosing to stay outside and also did an amazing job of clicking some snaps in less than 2 minutes.

Having said that, I would still go back on a hike to that area, because it was so amazing that it over compensated for the pathetic pool.

Quick Tip: If you want to take Instagram photos here, I would suggest wearing your swim suit inside your clothes, change quickly outside the changing rooms, don’t step inside but take some shots by standing at the edge of the pool and then get dressed again without getting wet at all. 😊


Guide to Natural Hot Springs in Iceland
We had the best time at Hrunalaug Hot Spring

Guide to Natural Hot Springs in Iceland

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  1. Amazing post as always! I’d love to visit Iceland one day. It has been on my list for far too long now 😛 There are those hot springs here in Poland too, and it’s a quite popular winter activity, especially with people who do winter sports. They don’t feel as natural as the ones in Iceland though – because huge swimming complexes are built around it, and the geothermal pool is just a part of the modern complex that has several other attractions.

    1. Thank you Pooja! The hot springs in Iceland are just extraordinary and in the middle of no where! You should definitely go to Iceland and when you go, experience these amazing natural wonder. By the way, I never knew about hot springs in Poland..

    1. Thanks a lot checking the post! Iceland is so stunning, that our photos don’t do complete justice.. 😊

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