Postcard from Dingle

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2018)

“..I reject your proposal. I don’t wanna *not* make plans with you. I wanna *make* plans with you..”

I am sucker for romantic movies. Unless it’s a latest release, chances are that I have seen the movie and more often than not multiple times. Before we moved to Dublin , I watched two of my favourite romantic movies one more time – P.S. I Love You and Leap Year. Then there are these other movies – Harry Potter, Ek Tha Tiger and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You know where I am getting to. In my mind and my perfect world, I had decided that I am going to see all the filming locations when I am in Ireland. Well, we will get there in due course of time and weather permitting.

leap year proposal scene
Leap Year proposal scene. (Source)

So, getting back to the point. Do you remember the last scene of Leap Year? The one where disappointed Amy Adams walks towards the end of a cliff overlooking the beautiful ocean at sunset. And then Matthew Goode (so handsome!) goes to her with her grandma’s ring to propose and that probably would be the most romantic proposal ever. But, for a moment forget that Amy Adams and Matthew Goode are there and picture yourself on those beautiful cliffs overlooking a sunset or just the ocean. Picture yourself with your husband / boyfriend / friend(s)  / family / whoever. Picture that you are on those cliffs enjoying a small picnic of maybe a yogurt, sandwich or hot coffee. Picture yourself talking photos while doing all this. It is perfect and it is beautiful. In my head that was dingle and dingle peninsula and I wanted to go there ever since. But the makers of Leap Year cheated me and thousand others who sadly don’t know that this beautiful place is actually nowhere near Dingle but it is in Dun Aengus. Even though the movie was wrong on multiple levels when it came to geography and Irish accent, it definitely did make Dingle famous for me and it is just so mind-blowing that we will go back again soon.

We took a day tour from Killarney to Dingle and Slea Head with Kerry Tours. Even though we don’t prefer taking tours much, at times that’s the best choice (Read – car rental companies closed on a Sunday) and you have no better option. The tour started at 11am and ended at 5.30pm. The tour driver stopped at all beautiful photo points and in Dingle town for lunch. Even though the tour was decent and we were lucky with a good non-rainy day, we felt that it was a bit rushed for time and we were left with wanting for more. I feel Dingle can be best explained in photos and I leave you with some from our recent trip to give you an idea of what I mean when I say – we couldn’t get enough of it.

Inch beach, Kerry.. Irish beaches are breath taking. Just the water is way too cold to go swimming.
Well some day I shall gather all my courage and learn to surf.
Beautiful rolling hills of Dingle..
Beehive huts.. These date back to Before Christ period and are architectural marvel..
Raga inside on of these huts..
Beautiful Irish landscape..



Herring Gull sweetly posing for us to take photos..
So beautiful..
Slea Head.. We could see Skellig Michael Island from here..
Cute little town of Dingle with colorful houses and shops.
Its a crime to leave Dingle without eating Murphy’s ice cream. Their Irish Coffee flavor is to die for..
One last view of Dingle..

For next time we have a few things in mind –

  1. Stay in Dingle instead of Killarney and use it as our base to explore more.
  2. Rent a bike and bike on the Dingle peninsula towards Slea Head. We saw a lot of people biking and I am sure it is going to be an amazing experience. It will give us more time to take breaks and soak in the gorgeous Irish landscape.
  3. While on the tour bus we saw a lot of sign posts saying – ‘Hold a baby lamb’ and I am dying to do this. Can’t get over how cute baby lambs are.
  4. Visit Skellig Michael Island. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has remains of Christian monastery from 6th and 8th century. The upcoming Star Wars movie was shot there. Need I say more?

13 thoughts on “Postcard from Dingle

  1. The photographs have captured the beauty of the place and done justice to the blog. I just feel that i should own a get away home on those soft rolling hills.

    In India too we come across similar landscape in Meghalaya as we head towards Jowai from Shillong. Ofcourse we do not have any beaches as the state is landlocked.

    1. Getaway home on the hills seems to be a great idea papa. 🙂 I remember whenever we passed this kind of landscape in Meghalaya, you would stop the car for a bit so that we could admire the beauty..

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