10 Awesome things to do in Dublin

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2018)

Dublin is a really small city but definitely a charming one. There is so much to do in this capital city of Ireland that you wouldn’t get bored. We have complied a list of 10 awesome non touristy things to do in Dublin. Read on….

10 awesome non touristy things to do in Dublin

1. Watch sunset from Ha’penny bridge:

Imagine a relaxed evening. You have just enjoyed some really amazing coffee at one of the local cafes in city centre (Keoghs Cafe forever!) . You decide to walk around and happen to cross the ha’penny bridge just at the right moment when the sun is setting down and the the sky is painted in various shades of pink, orange and yellow. Take that moment to forget everything and enjoy a few minutes of peace watching the amazing sun set. We have seen some of the most beautiful sunsets of our lives in Dublin and watching it from the ha’penny bridge tops the list!

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10 awesome non touristy things to do in Dublin, Ireland 8
Sunset from Ha’penny bridge..


2. Have a pint listening to Irish Music:

Have you heard the song called Galway Girl? Not the new version by Ed Sheeran but the old Irish version by Sharon Shannon. It’s such a catchy tune and is probably one of our favorite songs. You can hear this song everywhere in Ireland, but more commonly in Irish pubs and the souvenir shop Carrolls. Listening to old Irish folk songs on any evening over a pint of beer is one of our most favorite things in Ireland. PS: Most of the pubs in Temple Bar area and O’Neills Bar (after 9pm) play Irish folk songs everyday!

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10 awesome non touristy things to do in Dublin, Ireland 7
Foot tapping Irish music played in pubs all around the year.


3. Stroll around the Temple Bar area:

Temple Bar area definitely can’t be missed, be it anytime of the day. We love how the area is so lively and there is something or the other happening at all times. This place is filled with beautiful Irish music, dance, happiness and madness. On a side note, the drinks at the temple bar area are way too expensive. Our recommendation would be to have just one drink there just so that you can enjoy the pubs and ambiance.

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10 awesome non touristy things to do in Dublin, Ireland 6
Temple Bar, all decked up 365 days of the year


4. Cliff walk at Howth and Bray: 

Next on our list are the cliff walks. Ireland is very famous of its amazing landscapes and you can appreciate that only by doing cliff walks. The views are just amazing. Both Howth and Bray are a short 30 minutes train ride away and easily accessible from Dublin city. I personally enjoyed the Howth cliff walk more because there is no concrete man-made pathway. There are walking trails and you just continue on them, till you decide that you want to head back. Bray to Greystones cliff walk has a narrow path all along, and there is a direct dart (train) back to Dublin city from Greystones.

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10 awesome non touristy things to do in Dublin, Ireland 5
Somewhere on our cliff walk from Bray to Greystones..


5. Explore Dublin with the Free Walking tours:

If you are interested in knowing a bit more about the city, get on a walking tour. It is free and you can tip the guide only if you enjoy the tour. This three hours tour covers all the main sites and stories of Dublin. Post the tour you are free to visit any of the sites you are interested in. We have taken these walking tours across Europe and we have noticed that the guides makes an effort to include all interesting facts, crack jokes and keep you on your toes.

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6. Learn how alcohol is made at Guinness Storehouse & Jameson Distillery:

Irish people love their alcohol, specially their beer! If you are a beer or whiskey person, you shouldn’t miss one or both of these tours. Guinness Beer is famous worldwide and Jameson Irish Whiskey is a class apart. Both the tours are very interactive and so much fun. It shows how much effort has gone into creating these interactive tours. Bonus – You get a free pint or whiskey drink at the end of the tour.

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10 awesome non touristy things to do in Dublin, Ireland 4
Sampling the purest form of Whiskey at the Jameson Distillery..


7. Brunch at Irish Village Market:

Spend a relaxed afternoon around the Grand Canal enjoying some hot take away food. On a beautiful summer afternoon, you will see blue sky and sun shining, birds chipping, ducks swimming, greenery all around, quilts laid out around the canal, some delicious food stalls, and loads of people chatting and enjoying their lunch. More details about the Irish Village Market can be found on the link.

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10 awesome non touristy things to do in Dublin, Ireland 3
The beautiful Grand Canal during Autumn..


8. Cycle around Phoenix Park:

Phoenix park is the largest enclosed recreational spaces within any European city. You can rent a bike at the entrance of the park and bike around. Chances are that you will chance upon the wild deer roaming around freely. The park makes for a beautiful backdrop for some nice photos especially during sunset.

PS: If you are in Dublin during the cherry blossom season (April), make sure that you visit Herbert Park for the walk of your lifetime.

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9. Visit the Malahide Castle:

Travel to Ireland and not visit a castle? Well, how can that be possible. We recommend visiting Malahide Castle instead of Dublin Castle, only because the area is beautiful and the castle looks like a castle from outside. Malahide is a short (30 minutes) dart ride from the city center. The castle has a lot of history, the gardens are just beautiful and the place is totally worth your time and effort. Keep some time to explore Malahide after your visit to the castle.

PS: If you don’t have extra time in hand, you can visit the Dublin Castle on Dame Street but it is a museum now

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10. Enjoy a good Irish breakfast:

This one is last on our list only because we don’t eat meat. An Irish breakfast typically includes bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns, other cooked foods and a beverage such as coffee or tea. Ireland doesn’t have any specific Irish cuisine but a good Irish breakfast is famous world wide!


Bonus tip 1:

If you are in a mood of some good hike or feel like enjoying views like our Instagram photo below, go to Wicklow Mountains. Read more here – Road trip from Dublin to Wicklow Mountains

Bonus tip 2:

Don’t miss out the Grafton Street. It’s my favorite place walk around on a lazy day. Its always full of musicians busking, artists performing, vendors selling and people shopping. It can get busy during weekends but is always full of life. I love walking on this street and observing people go about their lives.

10 awesome non touristy things to do in Dublin, Ireland 2
Grafton Street filled with a zillion lights during Christmas
10 awesome non touristy things to do in Dublin, Ireland 1
Dublin’s busy Dame Street. I love photographing this street just because the building have so much character..

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  2. Really really loved Dublin’s FWT. This is definitely a good tip for everyone who’s visiting Dublin.

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