Dublin Mountains

“Don’t underestimate the beauty of Dublin Mountains” – is what I should have told myself an year back. Even though it’s just an hours drive from where we live, we couldn’t find ourselves planning a trip until now. But, over the past 2 months, we have been to Dublin Mountains twice! Driving through the mountains made us feel as if we were in another world. Those farms, panoramas and beautiful lakes make for a very pleasing sight for the eyes.

How to Reach:

There are two ways you can make a trip to the Dublin Mountains –

  1. Take a bus – Here is the timetable and the buses run everyday from Dublin City to Glendalough and back. You get about 4 hours to explore Glendalough Upper lake, Lower lake and the vicinity. The walk from Glendalough Visitor Centre to the Upper lake is very beautiful and peaceful. For a tourist, 4 hours is more than enough time to cover the area and have lunch. Glendalough makes for a good picnic spot, if you want to carry your lunch. 🙂
  2. Go on a drive – There will be a lot more flexibility if have the luxury of a car. You can cover Sally Gap and Glendalough, and also take in the breathtaking panoramas of Dublin Mountains. You won’t be able to help yourself from stopping every 5 minutes to click a few snaps. You can also visit the Powerscourt Waterfall on the way to Sally Gap, but be aware that there is an entry fee of 6 euros per person.

Dublin Mountains - Google Map route

Leaving you with a few photos of our trip..

Wicklow, Dublin, Ireland - Dublin Mountains 2
Wicklow, Dublin, Ireland - Glendalough Upper Lake 2
Glendalough Upper Lake
Wicklow, Dublin, Ireland - Dublin Mountains 4
Raga’s mom, enjoying the view..
Wicklow, Dublin, Ireland - Sally Gap 1
Sally Gap. We have to trek down to that lake soon.
Wicklow, Dublin, Ireland - Dublin Mountains 1
Gorgeous panoramas always makes me happy!

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