Postcard from Mykonos

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2017)

Soul-City: [noun] A place of interest or city in some country in some part of the world that fuels the spiritual or immaterial self in a way to reveal a happy energy not felt elsewhere.

Well, that’s a term and definition I coined after we took a trip to Mykonos! To be honest, Mykonos made us so happy. At every bend, I would squeal – “So cute!”, “Look at those stairs!”, “Ah, such a cute moped” and so on. I went from a being a 3 decade old to 3 years old in a fraction of second. Mykonos is definitely my soul city!

Mykonos is known for being a party island, with all the beaches and beach shacks and music and discos and parties happening all around. But there is more to it. The gorgeous white buildings, colorful doors and stairs, unique architecture, shopping and a relaxed vibe. And did I tell you that everything is painted white with a little bit of color popping here and there? Even the stone pathways are painted white. Can you believe that? It gives a fresh look and feel like nowhere else.

Raga and I, soaking in the world one city at a time!
Dreamy, isn’t?

Getting there

We saw a lot of tourists coming in for a day as a part of cruise ships. Our plan was to stay in the island for a couple of days.

Mykonos has a domestic airport and a port. We reached Mykonos from Santorini through water via a ferry and flew out of Mykonos to Athens. Check this link for ferry and Skyscanner and Ryanair for flight and compare prices before booking. A lot of times, flights are cheaper and faster as compared to ferry .

Where to stay

We like to stay in Airbnbs just to get a little bit more feel of the city we are traveling to. Our room had a beautiful rooftop and an amazing view of the old port.

I would start my morning by getting to the rooftop and soaking in some Myconian vibe. With the morning sun rays, I could see hustle bustle all around with locals selling fresh vegetables, men and women going about their life on mopeds, tourists pouring in from cruise ships, birds chirping, souvenir shops and restaurants getting ready for the day. The rooftop also made for an excellent breakfast stop.

At night we would get blankets and lie down on the rooftop and count the countless stars, try to identify constellations, and chat about the day and trip. Small memories that we will never forget!

View from the rooftop!
Beautiful morning sun rays over the old port
Entrance to our room
Locals going about their day to day business

Things to do

If you don’t enjoy the beautiful beaches of Mykonos, I think your trip is incomplete. The water is crystal clear and beautiful ombre blue unlike anywhere else. We say, rent a ATV and go beach hopping.  Paradise beach and super paradise beach are the famous ones. But then there are so many and in the right season, it would be swamped with people.

We went to Mykonos in late October and all the parties and beach shacks close down by September end as the water starts getting colder and the tourists start reducing. There were a couple of beach shacks open in Paradise beach and we had such a fun relaxed time. Swimming in water, getting tanned, ordering drinks and food while just sun bathing and doing nothing. It reminded us so much of Goa. I got carried away to a limit that I totally forgot I was in Greece and called a guy selling selfie stick on the beach as ‘Bhaiya!’ (Brother in hindi). Me and Raga started laughing like crazy immediately after I shouted that word and me getting back to reality. To our surprise, he kind of understood and came towards me acknowledging it and said – ‘Selfie stick chahiye?’ (Do you want selfie stick?). Turns out he was a refugee from Pakistan selling these small items to survive. Small world, but another memory that we would remember for a lifetime!

The joy of riding an ATV
Mykonos, you beauty!
Chilling at the paradise beach
Look at that blue water at Super Paradise Beach!
Exploring the island on the ATV.

Get lost in the alleys of Mykonos! You will never feel like leaving. We must have taken like a million photos and it still didn’t feel enough. Such a charming island.

Those Alleys! *Heart eyes*


Who doesn’t enjoy a little goofiness? 😉


Such a pretty little alley


Enjoy sunset at Little Venice with the view of the windmills. It might be swamped with people during peak season, but in October it was calm. We would say, get inside one of those fancy restaurants and enjoy a drink as the dusk begins to crawl in.

We met an Australian guy (photographer maybe?) at the windmills who was very patiently taking photos of the whole scene and we got talking about the gear, photography, Greece etc. He very generously allowed me to use his lens for a while to experiment and I think the below photo was taken from his lens.

Windmills at Sunset
Little Venice
We went for some cocktails after dinner at Galleraki Bar. Too good!

Eat loads of Gelatos and Greek food because who knows what the world has in store for you tomorrow?

Spinakopita and pasta forever..
I have never eaten a gelato before, you guys!
Outdoor dinning scene..

Last but not the least, go mad taking photos in front of the colorful doors. I went on a mission, and came back with 20 photos in front of beautiful doors.What I am going to do with them, I don’t know yet (maybe a collage or something), but it was so much fun not being a grown-up!


Few hours before we were due to leave for Athens, it rained and the whole island got washed. Everything became shiny white again, devoid of any dust. A very rare scene in the island as opposed to Dublin , the rain was heavy and lasted about an hour. The clouds over Mykonos looked blue, dark and mysterious. The locals were happy. We got chatty with one of the restaurant owners were we took shelter from the rain and he told us a bit more about the rains.

We were just very sad that we had to depart with just a lovely place, but then there is always a hope that sometime in future we will return, because Greece is our happy place on earth!

We are so thankful to the kind strangers, because of whom we have a couple of photos together



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  1. Dear Raga and Nandita,

    At c the outset I must compliment you both for a beautiful write up on Mykonos. It was a ” Dil se” piece ….. From the bottom of the heart. The soul city managed to bring out the child in you. I loved it. Photos are beautiful. I particularly liked the idea of taking photographs in front of the colourful doors. Make a beautiful collage.
    Loved your blog.

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