Postcard from Hallstatt

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2017)

If you are tired of hopping from one bus to another, one train to another, walking long distances hoping to cover as much as possible and just want to take a quiet day off from all the traveling, then Hallstatt is the place to unwind and take it slow. The Austrian Alps towering over the town and the vast lake would bring calmness to the frenzy travel schedule. Staying here just a day is enough to take a break and relax.

Hallstatt Austria 5
Such a pretty lake town..
Hallstatt Austria 2
We can’t express the beauty in words..
Hallstatt Austria 7
That’s Hallstatt..

Hallstatt is a very small lake town (or village) and the prettiest one in that region. It can be easily covered by walking. This little town sits on the edge of the huge lake and is primarily a winter destination. For photography, the best time to visit this town is during winter as it adds an unique perspective to the town. There is much to do during summer months as well such as swimming, exploring the salt mines, boat rides on the lake etc…

Hallstatt Austria 4
Exploring Hallstatt

Exploring Hallstatt copy

Hallstatt Austria 8
Such pretty houses..

Hallstatt Austria 3


Walk around the town admiring the beautiful views of the lake, the mesmerising mountains and the Alpine houses. Don’t miss the popular vantage point from where you can capture the Chapel, the lake and the town all in a single frame. Rent a bike and ride from Hallstatt to Obertraun, a distance of 4 kms, along the lake and setup a picnic on the way, unwinding near the lake, taking in the raw beauty.

Hallstatt Austria 6
One can never get bored of this view
Picnic in Hallstatt 2
Setup a picnic. There are so many beautiful spots all around.
Hallstatt Austria
Ride from Obertraun to Hallstatt

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How to reach

Hallstatt is easily accessible by train. Check out obb website for train schedules. Make sure to book the tickets online as you can save  almost 30%. Exchange the online booking confirmation with tickets at the station before traveling.

You get to see the most gorgeous view on the train ride to Hallstatt..

Where to stay

You can stay either at Hallstatt or Obertraun. The accommodation at Hallstatt might get expensive so consider staying at Obertraun as well. There are buses and taxis to the town which is just 4 kms away.

Sunset at Hallstatt Austria
Sunset at Obertraun
Hallstatt Austria 9
Early morning view of Obertraun
Hallstatt Austria 11
We could ride this train everyday..
Hallstatt Austria 10
World’s prettiest train station..

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