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Backwaters of Kerala and houseboat experience

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A warm gush of air blew across our face, as our house boat made its way through the gorgeous canal lined up with coconut trees and lush green landscape on both sides. We were welcomed with delicious fresh fruits and cold drinks, which we happily accepted in that warm weather. If you are visiting Kerala, the houseboat experience is a must. Read on as we provide a 24 hours itinerary in a Kerala houseboat.

I have experienced houseboats many times before in other parts of Kerala but the experience at Alleppey (Alappuzha in Malayalam) was truly top class. The beauty is incomparable and no wonder why so many westerners flock to this small town of Kerala. Having visited so many countries and cities, our heart keeps going back to my own country. As the house boat sailed through canals, towns and life as such, we sat at the top deck soaking​ in the beauty India proudly calls – God’s own country!

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Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 1
You will never get bored of this view..

We arrived at Alleppey early in the morning and had booked a room for half day to quickly freshen up as houseboats allow check in only at 12 PM. Alleppey is on the shores of Arabian sea, so we spent our morning wandering bare foot on the beach. We would never forget how Alleppey welcomed us with heavy rains as we ran from one small restaurant to another in search of breakfast!

These places, though looked unclean, served the most delicious puttu and sambar. As the rain stopped, we strolled around the village and it’s beautiful canals. The sound of birds chirping, smell of earth and lush green surroundings are still fresh in our memories. Tender coconut is available in abundance and we probably lost count of how many we devoured that day.

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Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 2
The beautiful back waters of Kerala

The Kerala Houseboat experience:

Soon, it was time to leave for the house boat. From Alleppey center, you can reach the “Finishing point” (which is the starting point as well) by walk or by an auto. All house boats in Alleppey start at 12 PM and end at 9 AM the next day. You will be amazed at the facilities provided by these house boats. They come equipped with AC, TV, music system, clean bathrooms, charging points, well trained staff and an excellent chef. These house boats follow a set routine and they do the same activities day in and out. The cruise would start at 12 PM and in around 45 minutes, you will be in the open lake (backwaters), pinching yourself to see if you are in a dreamland.

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Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 3
Tiny houses next to the backwaters
Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 4
Entering the vast open lake…

We sat at the top deck and thoroughly enjoyed the scenic beauty the backwaters offered. In the meantime, the aroma of food being cooked in local spices wafting through the air beckoned us for lunch on the lower deck. The cruise then stopped for lunch around 1:30 PM and we were served traditional Kerala style dishes and Karimeen, the most popular fish dish. You can always leave instructions with the chef according to your palate (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian). After lunch, the boat started to sail around 2:45 PM and stopped at a grocery store in the middle of the lake where one can buy fish for dinner and other snacks.

Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 5
Stunning views and coconut trees all along.
Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 6
Don’t forget to look up. πŸ™‚
Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 8
Other house boats..
Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 10
That’s us, chilling on the deck.

The houseboat continued its journey through various lakes, passing through amazing scenery and anchored for the day at around 5:30 PM. The boat staff made arrangements for connecting the boat to a power source to power up the AC unit and other accessories. The would move from this place only in the morning. We took this opportunity to do a tour of the surroundings in a small boat. This experience was purely blissful as we were even more closer to the water and it was so amazing to see people living over there just jump into the water for a nice swim, whenever they wish.!

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Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 12
Small boat tour on a narrower canals
Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 13
You need to sit very still, else the boat would topple.
Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 14
That beautiful sunset view..

Once we got back onto the houseboat, we were served delicious snacks and tea. It was a grand experience we would never forget in our lives. The place looked serene and the chef started preparing dinner, which was again Kerala delicacies and was a neat spread consisting of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It was just mind blowing to come to terms with the fact that we were having an absolutely fantastic time in the middle of the lake, as if we were in the comforts of being at home. No wonder these boats are called “Houseboats”! After a sumptuous dinner, we hit the sack looking forward to catch the golden hour in the morning.

Make sure you wake up early, because there are somethings that can only be experienced at dawn. We saw quite a few house boats anchored around us when we woke up in the morning. As the sky started getting brighter, the beauty of the backwaters starts coming to life. Slowly boats start moving and proceeding back towards the finishing point. We could see a couple of houseboats sailing one after the other to reach their destination. You would see kids going to school, women washing clothes, vegetable and fish vendors sailing from one house to another – all happening around the backwaters and on boats.

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It really amazed us how life went on, without roads and around these backwaters. The chef had prepared a traditional breakfast while we were amused by the surrounding area and again we had a delicious morning meal, fueling us for more adventures for the rest of the day. The whole experience was extravagant and one should definitely do the houseboat cruise.

Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 15
All the house boats ready to leave for the Finishing Point
Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 18
Mesmerizing morning view
Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 16
Folks practicing for the upcoming race.

How to Reach:

Alleppey is very easily accessible by train, air (nearest airport is Kochi, 75 KMS from Alleppey) and bus (on NH47, well connected to Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore) but the most comfortable and scenic route would be to take a train.

Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 17
Backwaters of Kerala

Which boat to choose:

There are probably hundreds of house boats you can choose from and they would offer more of less the same thing. Some say that you can find a boat in morning and haggle for prices but we chose to book in advance. We chose Sandra House Boat and we have no complaints. Our experience was very memorable and the boat was very hi-tech.


1. Carry a mosquito repellent. You will definitely need them in the evening.

2. Best time to visit would be during boat racing festival time called the Nehru Trophy Boat Race. Around that time, you can see the guys practicing in morning and evening. This happens every year on the second saturday of August. The race is even broadcasted to over 50 countries. You can even choose to stay in a resort in Alleppey and experience these one of a kind race.

3. House boats are best enjoyed with friends and family or when you are on a honeymoon. We traveled with our friends and had a blast.

Kerala houseboat Alleppey, Kerala, India - Sending Postcards Home 7
Leaving you with a picture of the coconut trees doting the sky, a signature image of Kerala.

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  1. Wow what a unique experience! Houseboats is a fantastic concept. I’d love to enjoy a similar trip. The scenery looks so peaceful and gorgeous and the chef’s food sounds amazing πŸ˜€ I’ve never been to south India but maybe one day. πŸ™‚

  2. I had to Google where Kerala is, but it looks amazing! The sunset was mesmerising. Then the boat race practice cracked me up! πŸ˜„

  3. Absolutely amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit Kerala’s backwaters and well, this has just inspired me more for the future! Great post.

    1. Thanks Smitha. We went to Alleppey with our friends and had a blast. In fact we went to Munnar as well and probably that post is for future. You guys should definitely go when you visit India. Steve will love Kerala.

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