Postcard from Cliffs of Moher

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2016)

I think I have said this a million times already and I wouldn’t mind repeating myself –  Ireland is breathtakingly beautiful.

The best views can be seen along the Wild Atlantic Way and there is no mystery as to why they are beautiful. There are a few very famous and touristy places here like GalwayKillarney, Dingle, Cork, Dublin . The Cliffs of Moher is one of the major tourist attractions with over a million visitors per year. If you are lucky, your trip to the cliffs would turn out to be a sunny day in the west coast Ireland and that would probably be one of the best things that could happen to you.

Cliffs of Moher

Having planned and cancelled our trip to the cliffs multiple times this year due to weather, going there on a spur of the moment was one of the best decisions we have ever made. On our way to Connemara we realized that it was going to be a sunny day and just decided to take a detour and drive down to the Cliffs first. It was windy but it was very sunny and I love these occasional tans because they wear-off so soon. We walked along the cliffs all the way up till the hog head. Do you see a pillar sort of thing on the last cliff in the photo above? Well, that’s hog head. The walk and the views were amazing. We kept stopping and relaxing for a while to soak in the beauty before continuing further. I have to say – it was one of our best cliff walks in Ireland.

If only I could fly…
View of the other side.
Just checking the depth.. No big deal.
Relaxing on the way..
We against the beautiful backdrop
Stack of stones.. You can see this all around Ireland..
Just sitting at the edge of Ireland
The ‘You coming? We still have a long way to go.’ look..
Probably a gateway to heaven!


There is a lot of greatness hidden in this world which we often choose not to see. Our travels are always a constant reminder of this. There is a shuttle service every hour from hog head to the main visitor centre and back. Without realising the time, we reached hog head just 5 minutes after the shuttle left and the next one was only after an hour. We were tired and didn’t want to walk the whole route back through the cliffs. The walk through the main road would have also taken an hour at least. We were already a bit late to reach Connemara and didn’t have much choice than walk through the main road back to the visitor centre where our car was parked. At the shuttle service, the lady mentioned that you can always ask for a lift on the way. So, off we went. After about a kilometre, we saw a car approaching. We stopped that car, asked if they could help us by giving a ride till the visitor centre. To our happiness they agreed. They were a newly wed French couple on their honeymoon and knew very little English. Our communication within those 10 minutes was limited. We had assumed that they were heading the same way and hence they had agreed to give us a ride. We only realised that they came all the way till the visitor centre just to drop us, when we saw them taking a U-turn after dropping us. They didn’t have to give us a ride. They could have always said – no we are not heading that way, sorry. But they chose to help us. And it was a reminder for us, that the world is full of good people. We just don’t see it that often. Having felt so grateful and indebted to them, we decided to return the favour to others. On our way back, we gave lift to an Austrian lady who was on her way to a match-making festival and promised to teach us skiing if we go visit her in winters. She gave us her email id and we are now in touch with her. Next winters we are probably going to learn skiing. The rest of route till Galway, we helped two young college going German girls and in return we got to hear a lot of stories about Germany and their travels to India and other countries.

In all, it was a day well spent at the Cliffs of Moher. And to top it off, it was Raga’s birthday. A very satisfied birthday for that matter.

Looking at the world from the edge..

16 thoughts on “Postcard from Cliffs of Moher

  1. Just been there this summer and Ireland is so beautiful!! When I got the chance to go to the Cliffs of Moher it was part time sunny and part time you could almost see nothing, which was also an amazing opportunity.

    1. Hi Lenja & Janet. We have the same opinion and totally love Ireland. I am sure your experience must have been amazing. We in Ireland don’t get a lot of sun like other countries. So any good weather, any sunny day is just a blessing and we try to take fun advantage of that. Did you get a chance to visit other places like Galway, Killarney, Connemara etc as well?

      1. It truely was and I have never seen so many rainbows in such a short matter of time. Not this time as I was WWOOFing there I only stayed in the countryside of County Sligo and County Galway/Clare but I know that I will come back and have to explore more! And do the Wild Atlantic Way! 🙂

  2. This time the photographs told the entire story of the beauty of the hills. I admit that I have myself been to a number of places but few match the pristine beauty of the Moher hills. Btw this world is full of good people, even in remote and foreign places and often they go out of their way to help. Great write up.

  3. Hi Nandu, after reading every writing of yours, I feel like touring Ireland. I had seen many pictures of mother and your photographs match or better the ones I had seen.
    Keep travelling and keep writing.

  4. Great blog, especially all your posts about Ireland.. totally agree with your first line of this post. I sadly had just 4 days to cover Ireland.. hope to come back sometime in the future to some of the other places.

    1. Thank you Sudipto! 4 days is definitely less to cover Ireland, but you can still manage to check a few major touristy places. I read that you took a road trip around Ring of Kerry and I think its one of the beautiful places in Ireland. Have fun planning more trips. 🙂

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