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(Last Updated On: January 21, 2018)

Florence, the birth place of Renaissance, is a pretty city that draws thousands of tourists all over the year for its museums, monuments and impeccable architecture. Being the capital of the dreamy Tuscany region, Florence is often used as a base to explore Tuscany. Our trip to Florence was very short. As our main destination was Tuscany, we spent little time at Florence. We took a morning train from Rome, dumped the luggage in train station’s left luggage, and walked towards the historic centre of the city to explore. We hardly spent 4 hours at Florence and really did not do justice to this beautiful city.  In the hindsight, we really recommend at least a day’s time for Florence. If you are in a hurry, check out our quick guide for a short stay in Florence!

Things to do:

Cathedral – Duomo di Firenze:

Wow! One of the most amazing architectures we have seen in our lives. The Cathedral was as grand as it could get. While mom and dad stood in queue to go inside to check out the magnificent frescos on the wall, me and Raga spent some time in the nearby cafe enjoying one of the best espressos we have had so far.


If you are into paintings, do visit the Uffizi gallery which hosts paintings by greatest artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. One of the other famous museum is Museo di San Marco.


When you look up Florence in the internet, you will be greeted with some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city which includes the iconic Duomo, the Alnolfo tower and the river.  If you would like to soak up the lovely views of the city and create a similar scene for yourselves, visit Piazzale Michelangelo and the tower of Palazzo Vecchio. The views offer a grand panoramic perspective and is a photographer’s delight. The Duomo and the nearby Giotto’s Campanile also offers great views of the centre of the city. But be sure that you are fit enough to climb these monuments as they would really test your stamina and glutes.

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Walk around the Duomo:

To get a feel of the city, just walk around the backstreets near Duomo. The streets are filled with small restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. It’s a treat to watch the great  Duomo from these streets and it would appear only partly, leaving you with asking for more.

Ponte Vecchio:

This is a romantic spot in Florence with amazing views of the river Arno. This old bridge houses many small shops on either side and looks way too beautiful from a distance during sunsets. The reflection of the three arches of the bridge on the river is a must visit place in Florence.

As we did not spend enough time in Florence, we could not take many pictures. Leaving you with some of the photos we snapped during our visit…

Florence Cathedral - Duomo di Firenze, Italy, Europe - Travel Blog 1
The view of the Duomo
Florence Cathedral - Duomo di Firenze, Italy, Europe - Travel Blog 2
Front view of The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower
Florence Cathedral - Duomo di Firenze, Italy, Europe - Travel Blog 3
More of the Cathedral
Florence Cathedral - Duomo di Firenze, Italy, Europe - Travel Blog 4
The Duomo with many Cafes on the side
Florence Cathedral - Duomo di Firenze, Italy, Europe - Travel Blog 5
Mom and Dad marvelling at the architecture
Florence Cathedral - Duomo di Firenze, Italy, Europe - Travel Blog 6
Backstreets of the Duomo and some twirling time!


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31 thoughts on “Postcard from Florence

  1. Raga and Nandita, our visit was for a very short duration but we did enjoy Florence. Nice architecture and the place has old world charm.

      1. We spent 4 days last Autumn (2017) in Florence. What a dream of a city:) thank you.

  2. Love your postcards from the different cities. Also what a blessing to have your parents with you on your trips. Can’t wait to see where your next postcard is going to be from. Safe travels and keep on blogging 😉

    1. Thank you so much and for reading our blog! Totally agree with you. It was so good to have our parents travel with us – a memory of a lifetime! 🙂 We still have a couple of postcards from Italy and then let’s see!

  3. Your pictures have made me relive our visit to Florence. We didn’t visit the Uffizi or the Academia – it would have been difficult to keep our 4-yr-old engaged in these vast museums. But the city itself is a living breathing museum! It is so amazing to walk around and see all the lovely buildings. We also spent hours at quaint cafes sipping coffee and having gelatos.

    1. So glad our pictures brought all your memories back Shweta! We spent very less time in the Florence as Tuscany was our main destination. We didn’t want to miss out on the famous Cathedral but the city definitely looks grand.. We were blown away by the architecture of the Domino. Traveling with a 4 year old would be definitely interesting as you get to explore a new place through their eyes…

    1. Thanks Smitha! Are you guys planning to visit Florence as well? My parents found the basilica in Vatican more beautiful on the inside than the Domino. We never entered the Domino as we were put off by the long queue.

      1. Yeah, we’ll be doing Florence as well. I think we are going to run into some seriously long lines as well considering the time we’re planning to visit. Will need to book the tours ahead of time and try visiting at non-peak hours.

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