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This little island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a popular destination for holiday makers. Capri is very picturesque, the vistas are just lovely, the terrain is very unique and would make you fall in love with this small island the minute you arrive. It is characterised by turquoise blue water, designer boutiques, cafes, restaurants, impressive bougainvillea and has been drawing visitors from all over the world since the early 20th century. Planning a trip to Capri can be a bit tricky due to its cost and accommodation. Check out our blog on Capri day trip and beyond, on how to save money on ferries, accommodation, things to do and learn about the gorgeous vista points.

Capri can get really expensive during the summer as its one of the favourite destinations for everyone including the holidaying celebrities.

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Capri, Italy - Sunset View 6
Capri and it’s gorgeous vistas
Capri, Italy - Sunset View 8
Stunning sunset views and colours
Capri, Italy - Island 1
It’s fun to ride vintage cars, which double up as taxis.

Capri day trip and beyond:

How to reach:

Capri is very accessible via ferries. Most of the tourists prefer to visit Capri for a day tour (understandably due to the high accommodation prices) from nearby Napoli, Sorrento and Positano. For the ferry schedules, check the schedules online but book the tickets directly from the operator (SNAV, caremar etc…) as the ferry aggregator website would charge a huge booking fee. If you have a tight schedule, we would recommend booking online as the tickets gets sold out quite fast. Also while booking, make sure that luggage is included (or charged) so that your ferry trip is smooth.

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Capri, Italy - Island View 1
You will be greeted by this beautiful view, as soon as you reach Capri
Capri, Italy - Boat ride around the island - View 3
Can I live here forever?

Where to stay:

A day tour is all you need to cover the island. Since we don’t like being rushed during our holidays, we planned to stay over for a night. You could stay longer and take things very slow but as stated before, Capri can be really expensive for accommodation and prices are typically on the high 400’s per night during the peak season such as late June to end of August. As an alternative, like we did, you could choose the uphill Anacapri which is located on the slopes of Mount Solaro at a higher elevation than Capri town. Anacapri is quieter, lesser expensive and hosts more artisan workshops and beach clubs on rocky cliffs as there are no beaches at Anacapri.

Getting Around:

It’s just 3 kms from Capri town and there is public transportation available (a bus that runs every 15 mins) but to get to the bus stop, you will need to first hop on to the funicular (right outside the ferry terminal) and get to Capri town and from there on catch a bus to Anacapri. Its actually a hassle to use public transportation here as the buses are extremely small and bigger luggages wont even be allowed in the bus. In fact the busses charge one person’s fare to carry a small carry-on bag. There are buses from the ferry terminal directly to Anacapri but the frequency is really bad and they always run full (overflowing buses are very common in Capri). We stayed at this airbnb, and the rooms were comfortable.

If you are planning to stay at Anacapri, we highly recommend taking a cab from the ferry terminal to Anacapri town which would cost roughly about 25 euros but it would really save you from all the hassles of using the so-called accessible public transportation. And again, there would be a huge line for the cab and there is no first come first serve basis. Whoever cuts the line first and flags a cab gets the ride. Its the survival of the fittest if you have been used only to the orderly western world culture.!

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Capri, Italy - View 4
View at Capri port
Capri, Italy - View 3
Pretty houses perched on the cliff..
Capri, Italy - Bus stand - View 2
Parents posing while waiting for the bus

Things to do:

Rent a boat:

The island of Capri is really small and a roundtrip of the whole island can be done in an hour’s time without stopping. There are rental agencies around the ferry terminal. Renting a boat at Capri is a very easy process and all you need is a photo ID, a deposit and no boat driving experience. The rentals are reasonable and its a highly enjoyable activity if the water is calm. The boat operator would give you a quick lesson on how to drive the boat using dummy controls and within minutes you are in the water, donning the captain’s hat and ready to drive around the island. They would also give you a map of the route and the must-visit sites around the island.

The rentals are typically for 2 hours and you don’t need to do the full circle. We drove halfway around and jumped into the water for a swim, took some nice shots of the area and hopped back onto the boat. The views are stupendous and offers a different perspective of the island from the open sea.

A word of caution here, don’t drive near the bigger boats as they displace a lot of water and you might experience a scary moment when the huge wave hits your small boat. Also if the sea is rough, we highly recommend not to try this activity as it can be a bit dangerous driving in the choppy waters.

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Capri, Italy - Rent a boat 1
Look who is driving!
Capri, Italy - Rent a boat 2
Enjoying some Capri sun and sea
Capri, Italy - Rent a boat 4
Having fun along the way..
Capri, Italy - Boat ride around the island - View 1
The famous white grotto..


Watch sunset from Capri view point:

We happened to chance upon the most gorgeous sunset of our life, while on our way back to our room. The view was so good that we spent some extra time to enjoy nature’s spectacular show.

Capri, Italy - Sunset View 7
Sunsets like these…
Capri, Italy - Sunset View 9
Watching the sun go down..
Capri, Italy - Sunset View 10
From the Capri view point


Visit Anacapri:

Take a bus (see “Getting around” section) and visit Anacapri where beautiful aerial views of Capri can be seen. Try to stroll along the quiet alleys surrounded by tiny houses with their vegetable gardens. Anacapri is more residential and tranquil compared to its rival Capri. For a breathtaking panorama of the scenic island, head to the top of Monte Solaro (by chairlift from Piazza Vittoria).

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Capri, Italy - Anacapri
On the way to our Airbnb at Anacapri


Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra):

The most famous sight seeing activity at Capri is that of the Blue Grotto, where you pass through the meter-high cave mouth into a cavern dominated by azure blue light. The bright azure colour of the water inside the cave is due to the sunlight entering the cave through an underwater opening which is positioned exactly under the cave’s mouth. The red reflections are filtered out and only the blue light enters the cave. Entering the cavern is an experience by itself as you will need to lay low on a small long wooden boat. The person rowing the boat would take the boat inside the cavern through the darkness towards the bright blue light.

The rowers also sing inside the cavern and the Italian song would reverberate inside the cave. Tickets to the Blue Grotto can be purchased at the entrance of the Grotto (priced at 14 euros/person). To get to the Grotto, you will need to purchase a round trip ticket from the ferry terminal (15 euros/person). The tour inside the Blue Grotto would last less than 5 minutes and we don’t have any photos from inside the cave because it was dark.

Capri, Italy - Boat ride around the island - View 4
Riding the sea and on our way to Blue Grotto
Capri, Italy - Boat ride around the island - View 5
and trying to avoid Marilyn Monroe moment
Capri, Italy - Boat ride around the island - View 8
Capri from the sea


What to eat:

As with other Italian cities, gelato is very popular in Capri as well. We had the yummiest gelato at Caffe Augusto and its a must try at Capri. We had dinner in a restaurant just next to this cafe and the food was really good! There are numerous cafe’s around the terminal which you could try. And don’t miss the coffee!

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Capri, Italy - View 1
Some post dinner views to enjoy..


Leaving you with few last photos from our trip..

Capri, Italy - Island View 5
Photo shoots are a must. 🙂
Capri, Italy - Island 2
Exploring the island..
Capri, Italy - View 5
Gorgeous views..
Capri, Italy - Island View 2
where ever you see.. 🙂
Capri, Italy - Boat ride around the island - View 2
Capri at it’s best!

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  1. Raga and Nandita, reading your wonderful post stirred up nostalgic memories of our trip to Capri. It was really wild, adventurous, carefree, refreshing and awesome trip. Would love to visit Capri again.

    1. Thanks Smitha! Yeah, the views were fabulous and the boat ride was just too good.. A lot of planning will be required for a trip to Amalfi Coast due to connectivity and cost. We struggled a lot while planning this leg of our Italy trip, so we are trying to put in all the necessary information. Hope it’s helpful for you guys when you plan your Italy trip.

  2. Absolutely brilliant photos! May I ask what camera you use for your photos? The photos are always so, so beautiful. What a truly enjoyable time you had there – it’s evident in the photos. I’d love to spend a day or two in Capri.

    1. Thanks Pooja! We use canon 80d with a variety of lenses to click our photos.. We love photography and travel photography is our favorite kind. 🙂 We had an awesome time in Italy and it was more memorable because my parents were able to join us for the trip! Looking at the photos brings back all the memories.

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