Postcard from Castle Combe

As we drove through the tiny street of Castle Combe, we felt as if we were entering a world of 80s, similar to what they show in the movies. It was dark, the vintage honey coloured houses were lit up and everything looked so magical.

Castle Combe is one of the villages in Cotswold and is named as the prettiest village in England. Some of the other famous and pretty Cotswold villages are Bibury, Burford, Broadway and Lower Slaughter but obviously if you have just a couple of hours in hand and could visit only one of the Cotswold villages, it has to be Castle Combe!

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Keep in mind that the village itself is pretty small and the main street gets over in about 200 meters. So, if you are person who loves to be on their feet and have a list of to do activities planned during their holiday trip, you will be disappointed. It’s a place where you should plan to spend hours enjoying your lunch, go on a short walk/hike around the area, take numerable coffee breaks and just do nothing. Lazy mornings and afternoons are a best in this part of the world! Alternatively you can plan to combine Castle Combe with other parts of Cotswold and make a road trip out of it.

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Reaching there, planning your trip and accomodation

  • Castle Combe is about 2 hours drive away from London, perfect for a weekend road trip if you are living there.
  • For others, our advise would be to combine this village with your trip to London in such a way that you can spend a day exploring this beautiful village.
  • Alternatively, you can fly to Bristol airport and drive down as it’s just an hours drive from the airport. You can plan to include Bath on your way back, as it’s only a 30 minutes drive from Castle Combe and a 45 minutes drive to Bristol airport.
  • Between Ireland and UK, the flight rates are extremely affordable and can be as low as 20 euros per person, one way! In our dictionary, that’s a steal.
  • Castle Combe is very touristy and visiting in peak season would mean loads of people around. Of course, if you want to get a photo at that famous view across the bridge you have to wake up early. We visited in autumn, which means less tourists and amazing fall colours all around. Of course, this also meant extremely cold weather (unfortunately for us, there was a cold wave in UK that weekend and we were freezing).
  • Since the village is very touristy, accommodation can be expensive (prices start at 100 euros during off season). We chose to stay  in a cosy Airbnb in Grittleton, which is about 3 miles away from Castle Combe and paid 70 euros for the night.
  • Castle Combe has a handful of pubs and small restaurants where you can spend hours enjoying your meal. While Grittleton had just one pub and since it was a Saturday night, we had to make a reservation for dinner. If you are a vegetarian, the options would be limited.

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