6 amazing road trips in Europe

6 Amazing Road Trips in Europe

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2019)

There are two kinds of people in the world – 1. Landscape people and 2. Cityscape people.  By our definition, landscape people love being in nature, going on drives & hikes and exploring the world built by supernatural forces. Cityscape people love exploring restaurants, architecture, museums and the world built by man. If you know us, you will for sure agree that we are landscape people. Read more about our take on “6 amazing road trips in Europe”.!

6 Amazing Road Trips in Europe

Road trips give us a kind of adrenaline rush like never before. There is nothing like pulling over in the middle of no where to admire the beauty of nature, discovering new picnic spots and going on satisfying long drives. The world is filled with gems and we are still a long way from covering it all. However, here is our humble list of 6 amazing road trips in Europe.


6 Amazing Road Trips in Europe_Iceland


The land of fire and ice, is best enjoyed by road trip. Iceland tops the lists because of its breathtaking scenery filled with raw nature in all its glory. The acclaimed ring road around the whole country makes it very easy to drive around and take in nature’s majestic beauty. From peaks to massive waterfalls, to floating ice bergs and glacial lakes, to volcanic beach, Iceland will offer you everything! Even better, you can pull over at these secluded natural hot springs for a quick drip in warm water to help fight the cold. In the summer months, you will witness 24 hours day light while the winter months will offer you the most stunning northern lights.

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Scottish Highlands _ Self drive holidayScotland

Ominous looking towering mountains in the clouds, winding roads and winds that literally blow you away.. Gorgeous landscapes, lochs and glens, magical castles and to top it off, epic scenes featuring the Bond himself from Skyfall. The charming Scottish country side will literally take your breath away. This country gives that familiar feel of other parts of United Kingdom, but also makes you aware of it’s vastness. Massive lochs fill portions of the country, only to be complemented by even vast glens. If you are into hiking and are ready to brave the weather, Scotland will give you opportunities like none other. Scotland should definitely be on your list of the must-do road trips in Europe.

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6 Amazing Road Trips in Europe_Switzerland


It would be a crime to not include Switzerland in the list of top 6 amazing road-trips in Europe. Against the popular opinion of taking a public transportation while traveling in Switzerland, we highly recommend renting a car and exploring this amazing country on your own terms. Snow clad Swiss Apls, pristine landscape, breathtaking valley filled with numerous waterfalls and stunning lakes will make you fall in love with this country.

If you don’t have a lot of time in hand, don’t fret. You can still explore a small region in Switzerland and absolutely fall in love with what this country can offer. We have provided a detailed itinerary on Interlaken, the most gorgeous part of this country. You will be surprised by how much you can cover in just 3 days without rushing yourself.

3 Amazing days in Interlaken, Switzerland


6 Amazing Road Trips in Europe_Italy


Italy is very a diverse country and offers endless possibilities to explore on a road trip and travel. Your possibilities are endless, including northern Alps and beautiful lakes, the ancient city of Rome, breathtaking rolling hills of Tuscany, to the gorgeous coastal region of Amalfi, the cave city of Matera and the gorgeous southern tip of Sicily. It would take months to fully appreciate what Italy offers, but a short road trip wouldn’t disappoint either.

Drives through miles of beautiful vineyards and Italian stunning country side took our breath away! Postcard worthy rolling hills of Tuscany, hilltop villages on winding roads, and the architecture rich cities were just some of the perks on our beautiful road trip here in Italy. We enjoyed wine for every meal, ate endless gelato, relished pizzas from the birthplace of pizza, stayed in centuries old vineyards among various other this.

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6 Amazing Road Trips in Europe_FranceFrance

France is a country that will surprise you to no ends. This diverse country offers everything from beautiful wine region, to the most stunning lavender fields in the entire world, and of course some super stunning coastal towns. The French country side is more stunning that you would have imagined and the people are more friendly than they are infamous for.

A road trip in France is a must do activity for driving enthusiasts. Do you remember ‘Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed’ video game from the early 2000’s? You might recollect that the game had Côte d’Azur as one of their tracks. Barring Paris , a road trip across the rest of the country is highly recommended. The roads are impeccable and driving a car is the only way to explore every nook and corner of the countryside. We did a road-trip from Alsace (the wine region) to the French Riviera, falling bit by bit completely in love with this country.

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Giant causeway _ northern Ireland


A majestic island just west of the UK, Ireland is home to great landscapes. Think about those beautiful rolling hills filled with farm lands, breathtaking coastal views and majestic cliffs, crumbling ancient castles and some super impressive and unique landscape all over the country. Most people can’t believe how green this country is!

The natural scenery all over the country is best enjoyed with a car. Public transportation is not that great and the private tours are quite expensive. It’s better to drive around the island to take in the beauty of this country. Wild Atlantic way offers a variety of landscapes with clearly marked routes and ample information along the way.

Check out some of our favorite places to visit in Ireland: Dingle, Connemara National Park, Killarney, Sligo .

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  1. I love this post! I am definitely in the landscape category and a road trip is my favorite way of appreciating nature. From your list, I’ve only driven around Sicily and not to mention, it was absolutely gorgeous! I love coastal roads so Sicily was perfect in this matter. There are so many possibilities in Europe for a road trip, a short one or a long one through several countries 🙂 Stunning photography as always 🙂

    1. Thanks Pooja. Totally agreed, there are endless possibilities in Europe and we would love to do more road trips in the coming years 😊 we haven’t been to Sicily yet, but so on our list. Maybe for summer next year!

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