Dingle Vlog

If we had to pick out one place in Ireland that’s our absolute favorite, it would to be Dingle. It’s so damn beautiful and we can keep going there again and again. You can read more about our previous trip here.

Last weekend, we thought of taking a road trip to Dingle again and spend a weekend of doing nothing. Honestly, it was a much needed break for both of us. Dingle is about 5 hours drive from Dublin and a perfect weekend getaway. We stayed at this sheep farmer’s B&B, which was an old Irish style house. The highlight of the trip was he letting me pet some of his sheep and hold a baby lamb. They are so cute and so damn soft! Sunday morning was spent having a relaxed tea, watching the sheep go about their lives and a late brunch in Dingle town. It was very foggy and it gave us a feeling of a hill station in India.

Since we have already written about Dingle, we thought of making a Vlog this time around. We couldn’t do Skellig Michaell island this time and that’s a good enough reason to make a trip to this beautiful part of the world again. The video is about a minute long and hope you enjoy it!


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