Martian Landscape of Wadi Rum

Martian Landscape of Wadi Rum

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2020)

Part 3 of Jordan Travel Blog Series: Martian Landscape of Wadi Rum. We went with absolutely no expectation, but the Wadi Rum desert blew our mind. Check out our blog to plan the desert tour and a night stay here.

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Be it the recent Star Wars movie or Martian, so many films have been shot in this beautiful landscape. And it’s hard not to see why. Wadi Rum easily which gives the feeling of exploring Mars on earth. We have never seen a landscape so surreal and unique! The brilliant sandstone rock formations, vast desert and free roaming camels made for the most wonderful experience. Our guide on Martian landscape of Wadi Rum, will help you plan the trip and experience this first hand.

Camels in Jordan's stunnning desert

Martian Landscape of Wadi Rum

Jordan's desert tour

Wadi Rum desert tour


How to Reach this Martian Landscape of Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is about 2 hours drive from Petra or about 5 hours drive from Amman. There are public transportation from Amman to Wadi Rum desert, but no direct bus and the frequency is not great. We highly recommend renting a car for your trip as driving in Jordan is fairly easy and the roads are in good condition.

We started our trip from Petra and then drove to Wadi Rum after exploring the Lost city of Petra.

Wadi Rum sunset desert tour

Wadi Rum sunset desert tour


Best time to Visit Wadi Rum

Spring and Autumn in general are the best times to visit Jordan. The weather is not scorching hot or very cold. We traveled in early November, and the weather was gorgeous.

Wadi Rum desert 11

Where to Stay in Wadi Rum

We had the most amazing experience of sleeping under the sky full of stars. There are so many amazing glamping options in Wadi Rum that you will be spoilt for choice. People usually choose between the traditional Bedouin style tent or the Martian style tent, which allows you to view the sky full of stars at night from the comfort of your bed. These tents are pretty glamorous, as they come equipped with AC and a private bathroom with hot water shower. Below are some of the amazing stay options, to help you plan your stay.

  • We stayed at Jamal Rum Camp and the guys at the camp were very friendly and took good care of us. We booked one of their martian tent for our stay.
  • For a more fancy stay, check out Memories Aicha Luxury Camp. These are one of the most luxurious tents we have seen in Wadi Rum and are entirely made of glass. So cool!
  • Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel is another great option, and comes with a private jacuzzi tub, great for those winter evenings or early mornings.

Most of the camps will offer traditional Bedouin dish in their dinner menu. The chicken and vegetables are baked for a few hours underground with traditional spices and taste very unique. One of the must try food in Jordan.

Sky full of stars wadi rum desert

Martian tent in Jordan

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Desert Tour to explore the Martian Landscape of Wadi Rum

We highly recommend doing a desert tour as the beauty of Wadi Rum’s stunning landscape will blow you away. These tours can last from a couple of hours to a couple of days. You can either choose from one of the tour operating companies or for convenience simply check with the owners of your camp.

We wanted to go for sunset tour of the desert, and approached the camp. They arranged a 4 hours tour of the desert for about 35JD per person. Our tour guide was very patient and took a look of care while driving the jeep, so that the ride is less bumpy for us.

Wadi Rum desert tour

Desert Tour

Martian Landscape of Wadi Rum

Sunset tour of martian Wadi Rum desert

Martian Landscape of Wadi Rum


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