Fall 2016

We moved to Dublin in thick Winters. It was rainy, windy, extremely cold, gloomy with barren trees everywhere. Slowly Winter changed to Spring. Sun started giving peaks every now and then, it started to get a bit warmer, flowers started blooming, we could see tulips everywhere, small tiny leaves blossomed from barren dark trees all in hopes of a good summer. This continued for months while the trees now had full grown leaves, house heaters were switched off, tulips were gone, sunny days started to increase from a few hours to a few days(occasionally) just to give us enough hints that we had moved to summer while still wearing tights and jackets. Currently, we are at a stage where we get sudden bursts of chill weather, thick jackets and woolens have come out, the leaves are changing their color and slowly falling down. In short – we have mostly come to a full cycle in terms of season here, just in time for Winters to start again. Three more months and we will complete an year of leaving India and family behind and settling down in Ireland.

Dublin’s Grand Canal during autumn
A beautiful mix of yellow and green leaves

The stretch between our office has a beautiful canal, a beautiful path to stroll on and a few benches to sit and have a meal/read a book or just wonder. On Thursdays and Fridays, Irish Farmers Market is setup with stalls from various restaurants serving various kind of cuisine. Some weekdays we try to make time from our busy schedule to go out for a lunch with our colleaguesΒ  or just the two of us. The canal is beautiful anytime of the year and having a lunch sitting at the banks and chatting just relaxes you like nothing else.

The other afternoon, we went out for a walk towards the canal. Fall was in full bloom, leaves were yellow, people were walking their dogs, jogging, sitting & reading a book, taking pictures or just enjoying. I collected some huge yellow leaves for a quick and simple diwali decoration at home. We snapped a few photos and walked around enjoying the view. Can you ask for a better weekend than this?


Contemplating about the world along with Mr. Statue

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